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Booklet production and printing

Production of two-part and three-part A4 booklets – we stick to proven, classic values ​​- full-color printing on matte chalk paper, 150g thick. Standardized execution and choice of materials allow to keep the price low without sacrificing quality. We can print both your previously prepared layout, and an online editor is available so that you can create the layout yourself.

The A4 (210 x 297 mm) booklet in open form, with two folds, has been one of the most popular advertising materials for many years. It allows you to place information about a product or service in a structured and transparent way, and is compact enough when folded to be given to a potential customer.

We print booklets both digitally and in offset (we choose the printing technology depending on the desired print). This allows us to offer you both very small and very large editions, while keeping the price low. Classic matte chalk paper 150g thick allows for optimization of post-processing - folding is automated and very fast (no manual labor and additional costs are required). By optimizing production to the maximum, we can offer both low price and quality for this classic product.

Creating a tasteful design for a booklet is not easy, you need to have a certain sense of style and know which graphic elements are compatible with each other. Usually, the development of the booklet design is entrusted to a specialist. However, it both takes time and costs (depending on the specialist's level of professionalism). That is why we have created tasteful design blanks in our online editor, which you only have to personalize with your own textual information and images. You don't have to wait for anyone (the service is available 24/7) and you don't have to pay anyone, and try to convey your wishes and vision. Our advantage – You can make layouts without prior knowledge and special software.