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Flyer production and printing

Flyers are one of the simplest forms of advertising and we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We offer a proven classic option – full-color printing on matte chalk paper, 150g thick. The combination of printing and materials keeps the price low. You can create a design yourself in our online editor, or send a ready-made print file.

Flyers in different sizes (A4, A5, 99 x 210 mm) are the most popular and cheapest advertising material. Ideal when the volume of information to be conveyed is not large and the emphasis is placed on only a few benefits. The simple design of the flyer allows the potential customer to convey the most important information very quickly. It is also possible to make flyers very quickly, because they do not require complicated post-processing, they just need to be cut.

The technical simplicity of flyers (no need to fold them) makes it possible to achieve a very low price per unit, which allows you to reach a larger audience. Since we offer both digital and offset printing, we can offer all the editions you need (of course, the larger the edition, the lower the price per flyer). If the flyers are planned to be sent out by post, another of their advantages is their very light weight, which allows you to take a larger quantity at the same time and use cheaper mailing options.

Creating a transparent layout for a flyer is not difficult at all, but dressing it all up beautifully in a tasteful design is another matter. If the design is created by hand, you will not be able to do without basic knowledge in the development of advertising materials, because the graphic elements must be compatible with each other and the design must be transparent. It is at this stage of flyer development that our online editor comes to the rescue, where you can create a tasteful design just by personalizing one of our previously developed design templates. Fast, convenient, without waiting (on-line editor available 24/7), without special software and prior knowledge. And what's more, it's completely free!