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Form production and printing

Although document processing is slowly moving from paper to digital, paper documents will still be needed for a long time to come. Every company tries to use personalized forms so that it can be distinguished from others. Some companies print them on their own, on an office printer. But many do not think at all that it is cheaper to typographically print forms (especially colored ones) at larger volumes. And then it remains only to print the necessary information in them. In our online editor, it is possible to prepare the design of your company form very easily.

€ 1.70 + PVN

When printing forms, we use one of the whitest uncoated papers available on the market - Amber Preprint. It is specially designed for various types of correspondence documents (forms, delivery notes, letters). Its technical characteristics allow it to be printed without problems in various types of office printers (ink and laser), it has a low transparency coefficient and the ink does not smear when writing on it. We offer it slightly thicker (90g) against the general standard of 80g to reduce the transparency of the forms a little more.

The most popular print runs of forms in Latvian companies rarely exceed 10,000 pieces, usually 2,000 - 5,000 pieces. At such quantities, the printing of forms on 90g paper costs almost the same as on 80g. As Amber Preprint is specially developed for the production of correspondence documents and is mass-produced, its price is also relatively low. And to print the form blanks in offset, and only then to personalize them in the office, is at least twice more profitable than to print them completely in the office (both ink consumption and wear and tear of the office printer).

The design of classic type forms is usually very simple. It usually only contains either the company logo or the logo and properties. If you don't have a ready-made design to print, you can create it in our online editor. It is possible to create completely from scratch, or to choose one of our ready-made design variants, only by personalizing it with your company's logo and details.