Personalized sticker production and printing

Using modern printing technologies and materials, making stickers in the BUDGET PRINT online print shop is also possible in very small quantities at a low price still. Use our service if you need to print stickers with any image, text or symbols of your company (for example, logo, products, product packages, gifts for customers) or otherwise personalized. For durability and ease of gluing, we offer stickers made of a special film instead of paper. You can choose glossy, matte or transparent sticker material. The sticker can be of a specific shape (for example, a circle) without additional costs for assigning this shape. Taking into account that the stickers mostly have a company logo or uncomplicated text, etc., you will be able to easily and quickly create their layout right here in our online editor. You can also order stickers using your layout, if you already have one.

Quality of stickers

We offer stickers in a variety of the most popular sizes and shapes, which customers have found to be good. A special adhesive film is used as a material, which makes them both more resistant to external environmental conditions and to tearing. This means that they can be safely glued outside and the rain will not harm them. Stickers are made in a sheet by eliminating excess material. This allows the stickers to be very easily removed from the base and glued to the required surface (something similar to regular stationery labels, but with free space between the stickers).

Sticker printing, waterproof

We print stickers with digital large-format printing equipment - this allows us to keep the prices of stickers low even for small editions, as there is no need for expensive fitting. The price of a sticker is directly related to its size, and the smaller the sticker, the cheaper it will be, down to just a few cents per sticker. The price consists of the price of printing the stickers and the price of the material, and the materials tend to be very different and with a large price range. We have chosen a proven and optimal waterproof material - a special sticker film that makes the production of stickers cheap. The stickers are also waterproof from the point of view of the printed image, because after drying, the color pigments no longer dissolve in water.

Personalized stickers

You can easily create a mockup of your sticker in our on-line editor. It is enough to upload the image/images (eg your company logo), place it at the desired distance and size, if you need to add text, and the layout is ready. You will also be able to preview it before you approve it for printing. If the layout is more complicated, you can also create it without special effort and prior knowledge. No queues, no waiting and no additional fees for creating a design, everything is in your hands 24/7! 😉

Since the stickers are personalized and made according to your needs, they can be suitable for many different purposes: stickers-labels, safety stickers, marking stickers, stickers for parties and other events, etc.

Stickers production in Riga with delivery throughout Latvia and the Baltics

We print stickers in Riga. However - in cooperation with our partner Omniva - we deliver 🚚 not only in Riga, Jelgava, Ventspils, Liepāja, Daugavpils, Valmiera, but everywhere where Omniva parcels are located (including Lithuania and Estonia). Plus for a fixed and very low shipping fee. 👍